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Family Secrets






Main Instrument: Viola

 Main Singing Part: Alto

What I admire about my parents: Dad: Wisdom and Leadership. Mom: Diligence and love and respect for Dad.

Favorite Restaurant: Any place with gourmet, exciting food that I haven't been to yet, and then duplicating favs at home.

Favorite Color: Dark Rose Pink

Favorite Song: "I Get Happy" (The Blackwood Brothers)

Pastime and Job: Portrait artist, photographer, cinematographer, marketing director

Scripture Verse: Isaiah 40: 28-31

Vacation Spot: Anywhere that has gorgeous, awe-inspiring  scenery!

Food: A gourmet or chef's salad

Dessert: Anything decadent that includes dark chocolate and fruit.

Ice Cream: Schwan's Raspberry Rumble ice cream and Double Chocolate Magnum ice cream bars.

Other Talents in the Past: Pencil drawing, sculpting, and painting.

Something You want People to Know About You: I enjoy meeting new people and making friends and having in-depth conversations with old friends!

Favorite Childhood Memories So Far: Family backpacking in the Tetons, infamous canoe trips, time with grandparents, deep discussions with cousins and friends.

Goals/Plans for Your Future: I love surprises and I'm sure God has many in store. However, if life continues the same way it has been, my focus will be on living life for the glory of God, spending time with my family and friends, working to expand our family theater business, creating art, and exploring God's amazing world through travel!