Tour to Oregon and Back! ... and all the adventures we had along the way!

Tour to Oregon and Back! ... and all the adventures we had along the way!

Here’s a glimpse into what it’s like to spend almost 100 hours in the van together (that’s 33 hours per week!) and doing music shows while traveling across half the United States in January and February! If you didn’t catch that, we did it the SMART way - during the winter in mountain country!!! (Maybe not such a good idea) Five mountain passes, potentially 70-90 mile-per-hour winds in some places, and all sorts of weather possibilities…

Music Lessons! Do you need a violin or piano teacher?

Music Lessons! Do you need a violin or piano teacher?

School is starting up again for the year and that means Karen and Abigail are signing up more violin and piano students! They teach everyone from wonderful retired adults who are seeking to learn a new skill or fulfill a dream, to little kids that are fascinated by music and enjoy teachers who make learning interesting and fun for them.

Best In Branson!

We’re super excited about a new addition to our website! It’s called Best In Branson … friendly and fun advice from our family about our Branson favorites! With the myriad of restaurant, entertainment, show, and shopping choices available in Branson, Missouri, do you ever wonder what to choose? What are the local favorites? The hidden gems? The must-do experiences? At , you can get the low-down on the best restaurants in Branson, the most unique shopping, and the shows and entertainment we recommend! We even have a list for the budget-conscious traveler, talking about the best free things to do in Branson! Check out the pictures and have fun reading about our adventures and experiences around town! We'll keep on updating the site as we continue to try new things!
Trying out the amazing food at Danna's BBQ and Burgers:

Dannas BBQ and Burgers Branson MO (8).jpg

I tried out so many different places in town when choosing our favorites and I’m super excited to share my favs with you! Click here to read for yourself: 

Throwback Thursday Video and Before & After Pictures!

Life is Hard thumbnail 2.jpg

For Throwback Thursday, check out this never-released video of The Johnson Strings at the James J Hill House Mansion singing "Life is Hard"!

Did you know? This beautiful mansion was once used as a convent, and NUNS used to roller skate on the marble floors in the basement!
Also, check out the fire-breathing dragon gas lamps, the green leather wallpaper, the carved woodwork, and the gold leaf ceiling! Pretty cool! Be sure to like it and share it with your friends!
Here is the LINK:  

Before and After - The Transformation of our Theater:
Many people have been asking about our gorgeous little theater that we remodeled before opening our show in June of 2017, so here are a few before, during, and after pictures! We started the renovation process in March of 2017 and then worked SUPER hard, super LONG days to get everything finished in time for our opening on June 8th, 2017! In the picture below, you can see the progress… we went from a white ceiling, brown walls with white spider-webbing on them, ripply carpet, ugly lighting, curtains instead of doors in 4 areas, and a kitchen badly in need of an update, to the beautiful space we have now! 

Theater remodel (1) sm.jpg
Theater remodel (2) sm.jpg

Here you can see progress on the painting job, a wall taken out to free up space, and the start of the new doors being put in! 

Lobby The Johnson Strings sm.jpg

Gold walls, black ceilings, chandeliers, a cute little kitchen, re-stretched carpet, new baseboards and trim, and a baby grand player piano certainly make our theater very inviting!

Theater The Johnson Strings sm.jpg

And of course, here is the renovated theater itself, complete with Luke’s beautiful new stage lighting!

The Johnson Strings show Branson.jpg


One thing we enjoy when we are not working at the theater is playing family games while eating dark chocolate and drinking tea! Do we have any Settlers of Catan Cities and Knights fans out there?

20170806_133501 sm.jpg

We've got a show tonight, so I better sign off for now!
Laura for The Johnson Strings


Laura-Christine-3324 e The Johnson Strings cookies 2 sm.jpg

At our Johnson Strings theater in 2018, we are now doing a "buy 4 cookies, get 1 FREE" special and LOTS of people are jumping at the chance to get some cookies to enjoy during the show, plus one cookie for before bed, one for breakfast, and one for lunch, etc... 😋
This year, we have three kinds of homemade from scratch, fresh-baked, gourmet cookies made by our certified chef, Karen! 
1. Missouri Mud Cookie - a triple chocolate cookie that tastes like a cross between brownie, cake, and cookie in all of its chocolaty goodness!
2. Melt-in-your-mouth Amish Sugar Cookie - perfect to pair with tea or coffee...
3. Chocolate Chip with Toasted Almonds - a delightful favorite... with a tasty twist!

Laura-Christine-3324 e The Johnson Strings cookies sm.jpg

Soooo... what would it be for you? Come out to our show and try your favorite! We have shows every Monday, Thursday, and Friday at 7:30pm at 2849 Gretna Rd in Branson - at the historic Majestic Steaks building theater! Call 417-231-2420 for tickets! 

Laura-Christine-3342 cookies at The Johnson Strings smaller.jpg

NEW Music Video!!!

That is right! Yankee Doodle, our latest music video, is now up on YouTube at and our website for you to enjoy! Each music video has a story behind it, and this was a roller coaster ride! We have so many people ask us for the behind the scenes stories that we thought we would include this one for you here! So grab a cup of tea, sit back, and read on… 

4 Laura-Christine-956721.jpg

The problems began even before the video shoot started! My location idea fell through two days before the video shoot. With just two days before filming, how would I possibly find “the perfect location”? After praying about it and doing tons of research late that evening, I had my dream spot! I messaged the owner, and Heather from Weddings at the Homestead called the next morning. (Talk about a quick response!) Just a few hours later, Heather was showing me their Century farm - better than I had wished for PLUS everything was in tip-top shape. AND she was happy to let us film there (the NEXT DAY) on Valentines Day! (If any of you need a great location for a reunion, wedding, or party, keep Weddings at the Homestead in mind! They are amazing to work with and their location is steeped in history, vintage charm, and cool-factor!)

5 Laura-Christine-2018021495114045.jpg

Uh oh. What would you do if your movie shoot outfit did not show up in the mail as promised? And you had no notice in advance? And it needs to be a dress in a very specific style and color of red? It is not a good feeling. But at least you would still have until midnight to do something about it, right?
So, after my visit to Weddings at the Homestead, I start the search, eventually heading to Springfield to find a dress that matched the look and style we were creating. The dress alterations were finally finished after midnight, and we all got a few hours sleep before loading up and driving over to the video location. Who needs much sleep when you are running on adrenaline while filming the next day?

2 Laura-Christine-956700.jpg

The big FALL: Many of you know that our brother Luke had several major surgeries last year on his ribs. In the movie, Luke jumps off a hay bale with a stunt violin and lands close to the camera. The only problem was that when he jumped off, he landed TOO close to the camera! In order to miss smashing it, Luke went flying and everyone’s heart stopped!!! I have never been so close to such an impressive fall! Thankfully, Luke was totally fine and the violin did not even have a scratch! On the bad side, his clothes were a MESS and we still had half of the movie to film! Abigail to the rescue! Under her capable hands, many mud and grass stains magically disappeared off of his suit coat and WHITE pants. Betcha can’t even tell! Luke even rigged up a way to wire his broken button back onto his suit coat! 

3 Resized_20180215_133039.jpeg

Filming can make people hungry - very hungry! So when Heather from Weddings at the Homestead drove in with pizza, cookies, and drinks it was cause for celebration! (Thanks, Heather!)

20180214_163354 e.jpg
1 with Jeff and Heather.jpg

Picture above: The Johnson Strings with Jeff and Heather from  (They are the best and were super sweet!)
Special thanks also goes to Mark for his sound expertise! Click here to watch our new music video!

After a long day of filming, what would you do? How about celebrating with ice cream, of course!
Now when you head over to watch “Yankee Doodle”, keep an eye out for the outdoor fireplace and chimney. It used to be owned by the original Sheriff of Branson - a baldknobber! How cool is that? Also, if my memory serves me correctly, the old cabin, circa 1888, used to be a two room cabin that housed 14 children! Talk about a lack of personal space! And for the guys out there, I would be remiss if I did not mention the 1950s Chevy 2 ton flatbed truck - it is a beauty!


With that, I better sign off for now. Keep your eyes peeled for the next update and hopefully we will see you soon!
Laura for The Johnson Strings

Season Pass Available Now!

We are excited to announce that we are now offering a SEASON PASS! For all those who love to visit us throughout the year, this is a great way to save money, plus it is a great place to spend all your evenings off, right? ;) Adult season passes are $74 and Child/Teen season passes are $37. For less than the cost of two visits, see The Johnson Strings all season long INCLUDING our Christmas shows! Buy now and save! Call 417-231-2420

P.S. If you've already bought a ticket from us and come to our show this year, don't worry! The price of that ticket will apply towards your season pass!

Missouri Mud Cookies Are Calling Your Name!

The Johnson Strings web 1.jpg

Happy show season! That is right - it has begun again, bigger and better than before! This year’s new 2018 show is chock full of fun surprises and unique musical twists! (Have you ever heard Stars and Stripes on the banjo? Or seen a comedic Scott Joplin rag that squeezes 6 people onto just two pianos?) We will have soaring musical renditions of favorite theme songs like Fiddler on the Roof interspersed with true family stories. If you like singing, come hear our a capella rendition of The Lord’s Prayer and the many other vocal numbers and gospel favorites sprinkled throughout the show. How about some fast and furious trick fiddling? Let’s hear it for the fans of the Orange Blossom Special! Get inspired - we would love to have you join our family and enjoy a wonderful evening of music and laughter! 

Got a sweet tooth? Be sure to check out the NEW made-from-scratch concessions available at our show! Certified chef Karen is making fresh Missouri Mud Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies with Toasted Almonds, and Amish Sugar Cookies this season. 

New article about our show!

Many TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers have done stories or articles on our show. Here is one of the latest:

Sunset Realty Services - - You can read their article by clicking here:

Besides being a realty service, they also have lots of info about Branson attractions on their website.

Branson Christmas!

PURE JOY! Be sure to experience The Johnson Strings Christmas show this November and December! Listening to strings at Christmas - what could be more fitting for the season?

Come see this family of 8 award-winning musicians and vocalists cut loose in a fun-filled Christmas show that will steal your heart! Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Piano, Mandolin, Banjo, and Vocals! Enjoy amazing cookies and brownies made from scratch by our in-house chef!
***Call 417-231-2420 for tickets!***
At the historic Majestic Steaks building theater- 2849 Gretna Rd. behind the Tanger Outlet Mall in Branson, MO. Click here to purchase tickets: 

Sit back and relax during special renditions the Hallelujah Chorus and the Nutcracker. Clap along to banjo and mandolin on Jingle Bells and see trick fiddling on The Orange Blossom Special. Experience a stirring patriotic tribute and then listen to the celestial sounds of What Child is This, done in a way you've never seen before! See four people play one grand piano (that's 40 fingers on only 88 keys), and then listen to Silas sing O Holy Night. That's only the beginning! We'd love to see you at our Branson Show! The Johnson Strings Christmas!

Christmas ad Branson Insider LOGO only.jpg