Weird Bluegrass in South Dakota

On the way to our first concert, we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants - 
a French American fusion named Cafe Brule. 

 See our drinks? We had a blast choosing the flavor combinations for our cream sodas. The list of choices was quite long...I went with Kiwi Dark Chocolate, Karen chose Peach Toasted Marshmallow, Seth thought Blueberry Butterscotch sounded good, and Daddy liked Macadamia Nut,  while Mommy definitely liked the Raspberry White Chocolate better.

We unloaded, set up, and played an evening concert, loaded back up...

and then unloaded and set up the next morning for a church concert...

and loaded back up.... then we unloaded and set up for an evening concert...
and of course loaded up again once it was done. Some people ask us how we get our exercise...
I wonder sometimes.

 weird Bluegrass - nowhere near Kentucky. For us Iowans, it looks sorta fake.
But, maybe that's how it's done in Kentucky.
Anyway, we were playing bluegrass on the bluegrass - not something you do every day!
Seth and Karen are warming up before the concert on their duet, Limerock.

We had a great time and were glad to see old friends and meet new ones.

It turns out that not only does this guy have a cool, one-of-a-kind John Deere tractor car, but he also had a brother who wrote some of the gear software that Daddy uses at John Deere! It's a small world.

With such a unique subject, I had to have some fun with the photos!

On the way home the following morning, 
we stopped once again at Cafe Brule for the dessert we had skipped a couple days ago!

Wow! What a SHOCK!

It all started out on February 8. Abigail was in a piano competition she had been working towards for months. For several hours per day on most days, you could find her at the piano, tickling the ivories or blasting out the impressive sections. Today was the first big day. The Terrace Hill Piano Competition. 

 There were many GREAT pianists.

After lots of deliberation, it was announced that Abigail and one other boy were the two winners!!!

That isn't all. 
After a late-night drive home, we were up early the following morning because this time, 
both Abigail and Silas had IMTA, another piano contest. (It was Silas' first piano competition!)

Warming up...getting ready to perform....taking theory tests...performing...waiting....and waiting for the results...
When at last the results were posted, we found that Abigail and Silas were both winners in their divisions and would advance to the state competition!

At the IMTA state competition, Silas won runner up (2nd place!), and Abigail won AGAIN!

On June 2, Abigail will be performing in the IMTA Honors recital as a result of her winning in her level at the state competition.

And that is the end of the story...or maybe just the beginning.

Praise the Lord! He is so good. No matter what happens throughout our lives, good or bad, He is always with those who have trusted in Him.