Family Secrets

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Instruments: Violin and Piano

Jobs: Violin teacher, group leader, choreographer, certified chef 

Favorite Restaurant: Cozy cafes and black tie restaurants

Favorite Color: Cherry Red

Favorite Hymn: Immortal Invisible and What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Pastime:Volleyball, miniature golf and a rip roaring Dutch Blitz tournament

Scripture Verse: Jude 23 and 24

Vacation Spot: Anywhere Adventurous... but preferably some place above 0 degrees.

Musician: So many... Sarah Chang, Frank Peter Zimmermann...

Food: Warm Crusty Artisan Bread with butter and preserves; French cuisine

Dessert: Grandma's Plum Red Raspberry Pie

Candy: Snickers Candy Bars; Chocolate and Yogurt Covered Raisins

Ice Cream: Fresh Strawberry in a waffle cone

Store: Hat Shops, Kohls

Place to Stay: Homes of family and friends

Favorite Childhood Memory: Tent camping and backpacking in the mountains with my family. Making praline chocolate layer cake over a gas stove during a power outage caused by an ice storm!