Family Secrets

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Instrument: Cello

Jobs: mechanical engineering student, fix-it guy

Favorite Color: Blue

Pastime: Vacations and trying to help the family have fun (well, at least MY definition of fun) :)

Scripture Verse: Genesis 1:1

Vacation Spot: Anywhere that  does not have shopping or museums - (I like museums, but we have visited too many of them lately) :)

Performers: Sight and Sound Theater

Food: A great variety of food that isn't spicy!

Dessert: Ice cream

Candy: Kit Kat

Ice Cream: Vanilla Storm

Vehicle: Jeep Wrangler

Store: Amazon or Ebay

Place to Stay: with cousins at Whispering Winds Bible Camp

Other Talents: Beekeeping

Favorite Childhood Memory So Far: Winning most of the drawings I've entered