More from South Dakota!

On a field trip to National Music Museum in Vermillion, SD, we were given an amazing personalized tour by an extremely knowledgeable guide. He showed and told us all kinds of interesting facts, explained intricate details, answered tons of questions, filled us in on part of the progression of musical history, and demonstrated various instruments for us, one of which was a Nickelodeon!

Have you ever seen a viola like this one?

Not your normal scroll!
The lion is a good idea, but I believe the name of that part of the bow is supposed to be the frog.

Are there any harmonica players out there that dream of being able to play the violin? Here's your chance! (The violin is actually a harmonica.)
Notice the quills used to pluck the strings of this harpsichord...
Have you ever heard of percussion in a piano?
I can't even remember what all these pedals can do on this piano!
Such a beautiful organ - we got to go around to the back and see how it works!

Lunch was a special treat at Café Brulle, a French restaurant. If you are ever in the area, it's a fabulous place.

We gave a concert at the Boys and Girls Club in Avon, South Dakota:

Setting up...

After games and a ping pong tournament, we ate supper.
Root beer floats were served after the concert... I think I'm getting hungry.
See you later, I hope!