New and Exciting!

Guess what? We are currently working on producing our fourth CD and are very excited! For the first time, we recorded at Catamount Studios, an ‘acoustically brilliant’ 4,000-square-foot, world-class recording studio in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Catamount has 16-foot ceilings with bass traps. Each room is on a different slab of concrete to keep vibrations from traveling between rooms. There are absolutely no parallel surfaces or 90-degree angles, leaving the room with a beautiful, warm sound. We were even able to record during a thunder/rain storm without knowing it! We loved having the room to spread out and not be squished together. The grand piano was a wonderful addition to the CD in place of the electric piano we regularly use.

After many long hours, we finished recording our fourth CD and are now working on the graphic design (me) paying royalties (Mommy) and mixing and mastering the tracks (our recording engineer, Jake). Look for our new CD in a few weeks!