Four Concerts - a bit of catch-up work!

During the Christmas season, it's easy to fall behind on certain things. Here are a few concerts I intended posting to it. Hmm... I wonder how that happens?

This concert was one we did at our home church on Christmas Day! That was fun. I've never done a concert on my birthday before!
Silas' bell-ringing is always a hit - he's such fun to watch!
Concert #2: Christmas Eve

Above the exit doors, this church had painted "You are now entering the mission field." It was an interesting reminder.
~A beautiful candle-lit service followed the concert. Everyone stood around the perimeter of the large auditorium and sang "Silent Night" and "John 3:16" as the flame of a single candle was passed from person to person until the ring of light in the darkness was complete.
We children walked around until we found a spot in the church to take a "5-teens" picture. Yep, we had 5 teenagers in our house for three-quarters of a year. (Silas, 9, is behind the camera here.)

#3 - Sovereign Grace Church in Dows
We always have a great time here!
Thank you Nela for taking pictures of us at this concert! Beloved Star Photography
A meal ... a huge spread of delectable cookies ... friends ... great conversations ....
A wonderful day!

#4: Temple Baptist Church in Charles City - This church is home to some more amazing people! Fun finger food and fellowship followed the program. All of us enjoyed spending time with friends and also some people from our church who had driven over for the evening.


Really think about that quote.
Is it true for you?