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Reasons to read it: 

  • Learn exciting tips on how to take your photography skills from flat to fantastic. 
  •  Have fun! 
  • Enjoy photography 

About the blog: 

This is a special place where anyone – Christians, conservatives, homeschoolers and others can learn photography quickly and easily in a safe, clean, and supportive environment!

 A Message from the author: 

“Hi everyone!
I got started in this amazing hobby in December of 2006 when I got my first camera, a tiny point-and shoot, to take pictures of scenes to draw or paint. Since I wanted to learn to use it well, I started to study photography on my own. After realizing that I enjoyed it even more than drawing or painting, I started learning more about photography for its own sake. It has been my favorite hobby for the last few years.

I've learned photography through reading LOTS of books and magazines, toiling through camera manuals, studying over the internet, and taking various photography courses online. (Whew! What a lot of work!) That’s one reason I created this website – so you would have an easier, more enjoyable time learning to understand the various functions of your wayward camera. (Sometimes they have a mind of their own, don’t they? I don’t trust my camera’s decisions on what is important in the scene – no auto for me! In no time at all, you won’t either if you don’t already!)

With this website, you will learn to take creative, well-composed and technically excellent images. Soon you will be making leaps and bounds of progress in your photography skills! It’s an exciting experience! Just think of what you can be doing in a matter of weeks!

I’ve come a long way since the point-and-shoot days. Sharing my passion for photography by teaching others how to take extraordinary pictures is a joy. I’d love to have you join me on this journey! You’ll be astonished at how quickly you will progress if these lessons are taken to heart. Feel free to comment or ask questions about each lesson. I’ll be glad to help you!”

What are you waiting for? 

Head over to http://laurasphotographyfasttrack.blogspot.com/ and start learning!

I’ll see you there!