Wow! What a SHOCK!

It all started out on February 8. Abigail was in a piano competition she had been working towards for months. For several hours per day on most days, you could find her at the piano, tickling the ivories or blasting out the impressive sections. Today was the first big day. The Terrace Hill Piano Competition. 

 There were many GREAT pianists.

After lots of deliberation, it was announced that Abigail and one other boy were the two winners!!!

That isn't all. 
After a late-night drive home, we were up early the following morning because this time, 
both Abigail and Silas had IMTA, another piano contest. (It was Silas' first piano competition!)

Warming up...getting ready to perform....taking theory tests...performing...waiting....and waiting for the results...
When at last the results were posted, we found that Abigail and Silas were both winners in their divisions and would advance to the state competition!

At the IMTA state competition, Silas won runner up (2nd place!), and Abigail won AGAIN!

On June 2, Abigail will be performing in the IMTA Honors recital as a result of her winning in her level at the state competition.

And that is the end of the story...or maybe just the beginning.

Praise the Lord! He is so good. No matter what happens throughout our lives, good or bad, He is always with those who have trusted in Him.