Dows Corn Days

We had a great time playing and enjoying the Dows Corn Days festival.
Arriving just before the parade started, we were able to see more fire trucks in one parade than we thought a small town would ever attract.

With all-you-can-eat sweet corn and watermelon, 
how can you go wrong? 
Oh - there was ice cream too.  :)
 Did I mention - they literally dipped the sweet corn in 
buckets of butter.
Unbelievably healthy. A great way to enjoy your vegetables.

 Comin' back from the flea market...

 Inflatables for the kids

Right before we played, we got to listen to some other fun musicians!

 ...and watch historical dances

We stuck around after giving our concert to watch a world famous juggler. He was fantastic, juggling everything from flaming torches to machetes. Besides that, he juggled behind his back, on a unicycle, under his leg, with Frisbees, and more. It was fun inspiration. It's great to watch others who are great at their craft and understand the hard work it takes to do something well.

Have a fabulous day!