This is the second installment following the Johnson Strings down the long path to releasing a new CD.

We were scheduled to record the first third of our new CD yesterday. 

Notice the word "were".

Yeah. We didn't get to.

Let me explain...


Early Monday morning, people were practicing throughout the house with some getting up before six to practice. As you know, we been practicing for HOURS upon hours for the last months. At times, all 8 of us were practicing at once throughout the whole house. If you came over, you would be met by a cacophony of sound coming from every direction, each person practicing their parts separated only by a few feet of space. (We don't have many closed off rooms.)


Back to my story...

By 9:30, everyone was done practicing, we had eaten breakfast together, cleaned up, and Mommy had gotten lunch and snacks packed. We hit the road.

Ten o'clock saw us arriving at the recording studio on time and ready to roll. Everyone helped cart stuff into the studio and unpack.

What happens after you unpack an instrument?

You tune!

And that was where we ran into the problem.

The grand piano in the studio was WAY out of tune. And I mean WAYYYY out of tune. It sounded positively awful!!!! There was no possibility that we could record on a piano like that. 


(Now, we had called before the recording date to make sure that the piano would be tuned before our recording session and we were assured that it was always tuned before each session. It certainly wasn't this time!)


OK. You get the point. So, what were our options? The guy at the studio called their piano tuner, drove over to pick him up, and he got to work tuning the piano. 


Meanwhile, we went upstairs to wait. The time ticked by...10:30...11:00...11:30...12:00...12:30...1:00 The hours passed by while Mommy read an intriguing story aloud and we sat on the couch, trying to just relax. 


IMG_6366byLaura for web.jpg

IMG_6371byLaura for web.jpg

When we got up from the couch, we made another discovery. All of us were COVERED in cat hair. Yuck. It's a good thing Daddy didn't sit on the couch. He's allergic to cats.


After we had finished lunch and Mommy had read aloud some more, the piano tuner was finished. Abigail went downstairs to try it out. The piano had improved quite a bit, but it was still not nearly good enough. What a disappointment! There was no way we could get a wonderful sounding CD using the piano.


Worn out and discouraged, we packed up and drove home. 


Right now, we're not sure what we are going to do.


Please pray for us and the new CD we are trying to get recorded.

I am SO glad we know that however frustrating thing are, God is in control.

Praise the Lord.


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