The Legend of El Ricoh!

Performing The Magnificent Seven Overture - the play is about to begin!


 Old Marshall Mose hands his badge and guns over to Josh, making him "Sheriff Josh"

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God speaks to Josh "Be strong and courageous, for you’ll be the one to give this land to the Strangers, which I promised to their forefathers to give them".


The Texas Strangers gathering "Hardtack" in the wilderness for food.

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Meeting in the Texas Stranger's camp. God has spoken: it's time to enter the Promised Land - TEXAS!.

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 Mother: "Now you count your blessings, young’un. If there weren’t no hardtack, what would have kept us from goin’ hungry the last forty years?" Texas Young'un wishes for "Cheese!" that wonderful treat they'd only heard about while wandering about in the desert for 40 years. 


Sheriff Josh to Caleb: "We're about to walk through the river on dry ground!"

Having safely crossed over the river, the Texas Strangers erect a monument so future generations will know that God is faithful.


Salmon and Iishi disguised in El Rican deputy clothing heading out to search the promised land - Texas!


The spies checking out El Ricoh find a place to stay in town - Rahab's Inn!

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Rahab: "Well, mercy me! Spies?! They was here sure enough. Didn’t say where they was comin’ from, and they left right quick; didn’t say where they was goin’ neither. Maybe you can catch ‘em, if’n you hurry!"

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The infamous Ruby and Pearl - smitten with the spies from out of town...spies who have "muscles"! 


Catching the local gossip...

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Jessie Belle's - the best mac 'n' cheese for miles around!

October 12- 2015-CJK-487.jpg

Bad news, Sheriff, The Texas Strangers have crossed the river and are coming!

October 12- 2015-CJK-503.jpg

Panic is rising in El Ricoh!


Pandemonium reigns as the El Ricoh walls are about to collapse!


Happy endings


The Promised Land lies before you!


Curtain Call

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The whole cast of the Legend of El Ricoh! What you don't see is the amazing backstage crew - when it came to curtains, cues, props, and everything else, they did a great job!


The Main Cast with the director.


Aleita - the director/co-writer of the play did a fantastic job putting the whole performance together!

October 12- 2015-CJK-520.jpg

And last but definitely not least is the Sound and Lighting Team! These guys work incredibly hard to keep the show going smoothly. Hiding behind the duck dynasty beards is Nathan Corduan, Josiah Duggar, Richard Shoemaker, and John-David Duggar!


Photo Credit: A BIG thanks goes to the whole ALERT Family Camp Camera Crew - You did an AMAZING job capturing the whole week!

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