Violin Hunt!

During January in preparation for our CD project, Laura, Karen, Luke, and Abigail headed up to Minneapolis, MN to visit our favorite violin shop - Claire Givens Violins! First up was to find Abigail a new violin and bow - she had been using the same violin for seven years and it was high time for an upgrade! The process we use to select our favorite instrument is quite time intensive - listen, take notes on each violin, listen some more, and discuss each violin separately. After narrowing the choices down to 2 violins, we repeated the same processes with bows - Abigail fell in love with a bow, and it worked beautifully with the better of the two favorite violins! She tried out 15 violins and 13 bows - make sure you try ALL the options, right? :) She is thrilled with her new instrument and it sounded gorgeous in the recording studio. Next, Luke looked at many bows to try to replace his bow, but he didn't find one that worked well for him - not to worry, though, as we will be traveling through the Twin Cities again this spring and summer. It will be the perfect opportunity to visit again!