Mother's Day Concert and City Excursion!

 The people of Cresco Community Chapel were wonderful to worship with! It was a treat to see so many people honoring and enjoying time with their mothers. Special thanks to Heidi Hunsberger for taking pictures of us during our performance!

After pizza we explored down town Cresco with its fun shops and unique statues!

Spotted in a shop window...

Darrel and Mary surprised us with a special trip to Mabes Pizza  - thanks guys! Round the Garden (like supreme) was voted top crust! 

Abigail invited these two for tea, but they were too engrossed in their book. 

"Mary Poppins step in time!"

That's a hat btw, with a snazzy little mirror to check your 'do' while exploring the African Safari! 

Seth - ready for comics and ̶c̶o̶f̶f̶e̶e̶