Birthday outing to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo!

To celebrate Silas's birthday, we all took a trip to Omaha to the Henry Doorly Zoo! We had not visited since Silas was in a stroller, so he didn't remember much of what was there. We all love animals, so it was the perfect opportunity for a family outing!

Apparently plenty of people had the same idea that Saturday was the perfect day to visit the Zoo! While the clouds threatened rain all day, it only sprinkled a little, so we just ducked inside the many buildings until it stopped!

The aquarium was a hit with all of us - Silas enjoyed the Arctic penguins best. We were even able to watch them get fed! (The zoo-keepers hand feed each fish to the penguins, while a zoo secretary documents exactly how many fish each individual penguin eats!)

The zoo is built near the former Rosenblatt baseball stadium  - we took a quick birthday photo-op at third base, or at least where it used to be!

There were peacocks galore strutting around the zoo grounds, the males flaunting their fabulous feathers to the admiring crowds. :)

Another family favorite - the Lied Jungle. You can walk above the jungle, and then go "downstairs" and tour it again on the ground.

One of their small monkeys escaped its tree island separating it from the rest of the animals. While the monkey enjoyed scampering around the jungle, the small army of zoo keepers had quite a time trying to catch him (or her) :) and return it to its island back with its playmates. As you can imagine, this created quite a scene, and backed up the bridge for quite a ways... :)

Rain and all, we had a wonderful time, and maybe we'll be back soon!