Minnesota trip recap, complete with Ice Cream!

As many of you know who have followed our family for a while, we LOVE good ice cream! Dad drives our bus most of the miles down the road and from time to time he just decides (but sometimes with a helpful hint from the peanut gallery) :) to pull over and pick up some ice cream! We love Cold Stone Creamery, and this trip, one came along at the perfect opportunity! 

Being the semi-frugal family we are :) we usually pair up and split something. We love Cold Stone's "Signature Creations" but sometimes it's fun to step outside of the box a little and "re-create" their creations. Laura and Luke put together the favorite of this trip - French Vanilla ice cream,  brownie, salted butterscotch sauce, and fudge sauce. Trust us - it tastes better than it looks like on paper. :)

Luke enjoyed an indoor rotating wood grill - the meat roasting smelled wonderful - to bad it wasn't lunch time... :)

Karen made yet another new friend. :)

Dad and mom enjoyed a little garden beside a church - a fun little place to sit down and relax a bit...

This little frog had a wonderful time, snapping up the little bugs that were attracted to the light one evening!

And that's it - another tour in the bag - where did the summer go? It seems like it had just started, and here we are, with school already in session!