Seth's Graduation & Open House!

And...We're back! We have been non-stop busy for the last two months - thus the lack of posting! We will try to bring you all the way up to date soon!

We had a wonderful time at Seth's high school graduation and open house party - some of our good friends were able to drive down to help us get ready and serve all the food at the party!

Getting ready....

Getting Ready Collage.jpg

As with most of our events, they include a last-minute construction project - our staircase up to our stage now has a custom railing made from Iowa barn beams!


Seth will be attending Pensacola Christian College this fall! He is excited to be following in Dad's footsteps, pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Seth picked out all the food (it mirrors his personality well!) - mom made almost 1,000 meatballs!


Visiting with guests...


A word from Seth during our performance...


We are sad to be "losing" Seth to college in Florida (no more concerts with us!), but he's still performing through the end of the summer. :)


Seth also performed two solo works - Zarabanda and Flamenca by Rogelio Huguet Y Tagell, and Allegro Appassionato by Camille Saint-Saëns.


What's better than relaxing with friends late at night after the party's over and eating some of the extra ice cream? :)


Special thanks to Hannah S. for taking these pictures for us!