Day at Disney

A little sparkle glittered throughout and graced our day at Magic Kingdom! I must say, the Disney effect was pretty spectacular! Even intermittent downpours possibly caused by the approach of Hurricane Hermine couldn't spoil our day together. 


Touring the "metropolis". We put many miles on those shoes of ours!

20160829_095644 (3).jpg
20160829_095644 (2).jpg

The majestic center of the park. If you look closely, you can see the zip line from which Tinkerbell "flew" during the fireworks finale! 

20160829_112737 (2).jpg

Ladies in ballgowns galore swirled and stepped throughout the festival parade!   

20160829_150609 (2).jpg

The fireworks show was a perfect last hurrah to the day!

20160829_221154 (2).jpg