Weird and Wacky

a few fun photos -  a not-so-normal look at what happens when we are setting up for a concert.

(Yes, I know! This post is a day late - sorry!)

Tuning da viola for da concert: a photo-worthy occupation when the photographer spots a neat window in the door just begging to have its picture taken.

Just thinkin' a thought or two...

Sometimes its time to see things in a new way.

Da one and only giving a surprise appearance.

Yep. We have fun around here.

The COOLEST music ever!

The cold is finally leaving us (maybe)! As spring is approaching, we are thinking about Easter and Christ's resurrection, so it is only proper that I post a few pictures from Christmas, the celebration of our Lord coming to earth. 

(Pretty good excuse to use pictures I never got around to using at Christmas, right?)

I'd have to say, it was really cold doing the unloading and packing up for this concert! But, the warmth of the people there more than made up for our shivering.

Take a look at this music! Isn't it just about the best music you've ever seen? 

What a church!  Nope. We didn't try to play the music. I wonder if anyone ever has recorded it...

What a church!

Nope. We didn't try to play the music. I wonder if anyone ever has recorded it...

Here's a close-up for your inspection.

Here's a close-up for your inspection.

CD project update:

Right now, the CD is being mixed by our engineer, and we are working on figuring out the order of the songs. I am designing the new CD cover, insert, back, and disc. The last of the song royalties are being payed, and we are excited about the approaching release!


Wishing you a wonderful day and a joyous spring season.

"And the angel answered and said unto the women, Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified. He is not here: for he is risen, as he said." Matthew 28:5-6a


Lookin' Back at our Christmas Travels

We had a marvelous time sharing about God's greatest Gift to mankind this last Christmas season. 

Although with the weather, things always get interesting! It's beautiful as long as we are all safe and cozy inside, but while traveling across the vast open spaces in between Bemidji, MN and Karlstad, MN up near the Canadian border, we were thankful that we didn't have any vehicle troubles. The temperatures plummeted a great deal in anticipation of our arrival - a routine occurrence, I might add!!! It was their coldest spell yet that month.

IMG_5351byLaura for web.jpg

Notice the frost! The trailer we pull isn't heated, so all of the stuff that doesn't need climate  control gets kinda chilly! (We had to use gloves to set up the sound equipment!)

20131208_084945byLaura for web.jpg
20131207_143715byLaura for web.jpg

Enjoy the following photos! Click on an image to view it full screen and then use the arrows to navigate through them.

Have a wonderful winter day celebrating our Saviour!

Yikes! Our Internet was down!

I'm sorry you had to wait until THURSDAY for the regular Tuesday post! You see, we have a US Cellular Smart phone set up as our wireless hot spot and it goes with us on our trips. It's super handy to be able to update our website, work on business projects, and get emails sent while on the road.

BUT, ever since Monday, our wireless hot spot smart phone has not worked at all! Hence, no blog post or update. We finally figured out the problem after hours of phone calls. Anyway, we are now back up and running again!

Recording Update: On Monday, we recorded the first half of our new CD! The recording session went extremely well and our engineer at Brookwood Studios was a pleasure to work with. I'll post a full update next Tuesday! Thank you SO much for praying!!! There is still a huge amount of work to do before our next session.

Here are some images from a concert we did at the Waterloo Center for the Arts in Waterloo, Iowa.

20131201_115636byLaura for web.jpg

Just carrying stuff in before the concert... If you add up all our pack up, unloading, setting up, testing, packing back up, and unloading at home, it would come out to a lot more time than it actually takes to do the concert!

20131201_151350byLaura for web.jpg
20131201_151625byLaura for web.jpg
20131201_151725byLaura for web.jpg

Don't worry! His clothes are still in one piece! (Sometimes we wonder if they will make it...)   :) 

In spite of the cold, we enjoyed walking around after our concert.

In spite of the cold, we enjoyed walking around after our concert.

20131201_152928byLaura for web.jpg

Hope to see you at one (or more!) of our concerts this year!