The Thrill of the Sack Lunches...

After a concert, when you have expended a lot of energy, you get hungry. Especially if the concert is later in the evening and you only had a snack before-hand (Cause you know that if you eat too much before a concert, it's not a good thing for your voice). 

Anyway. Now you're hungry and the moment has come that you've been eagerly waiting for! The unveiling of the sack lunches by the wonderful hostess at the concert.

Here they come.... all their hidden beauty.

The Sack Lunch Queen is in the pink blouse! Thank you!

Yep. She's special.

He's excited and happy for a wonderful evening, and he's looking forward to the fun trip and the hours driving home in VanGogh.

The first peek inside!

All the goodness unveiled! 

Live life to the fullest! Enjoy every adventure and blessing God gives! Be thankful, and you'll have a joyful life, walking with the Lord Jesus Christ each step of the way!