Best Gyros and Greek Food in Branson!

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If you are visiting the historic Main Street district in Branson, MO, you gotta check out this authentic, Greek-owned, Greek food experience! Dimitri's Greek Gyros and Deli is a casual downtown deli that's full of flavor and charm!

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Total Spend for two people (not including the tip): $17.80:

1 Traditional Greek Lamb and Beef Gyro with their Greek Potato Salad as a side (Tip: Ask for extra Tzatziki sauce on your gyro.) The Gyro had a good amount of their special meat on it and the flavors were on point! As to the potato salad, it was fun to try their Greek potato salad. It has a totally different and distinctive flavor compared to our regular USA potato salad.

1 Greek Custard Baklava with semolina custard in place of the nuts that you would find in regular Baklava. (They do offer the regular Baklava if you prefer that.)

1 Cannoli - a crisp crunchy tube filled with a creamy filling and then mini chocolate chips

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Dimitri’s Greek Gyros and Deli is conveniently located downtown in the historic Main Street district. If you get hungry while shopping, it’s a great place to stop in and fill up on their great ethnic cuisine! The atmosphere at Dimitri’s is super casual and authentic, but what else would you expect when the owner is 100% Greek? (A little fun fact: Customers of Dimitri’s first Greek restaurant in Branson included Donald Trump, Tony Orlando and Wayne Newton! The city bought that other restaurant in 2001 in order to develop the Landing and convention center.) All the food at Dimitri’s Greek Gyros and Deli is made in house from scratch every day of the week and they have Greek music playing in the background. Don’t expect expect everything to be clean ‘n tidy ‘n up-to-date modern - this place has a more authentic feel. Dimitri loves his family. You’ll notice that the wall behind the register is covered in pictures of his grandchildren, parents, in-laws, and himself as a boy.

Can you spot President Donald Trump - one of Dimitri's customers?

Can you spot President Donald Trump - one of Dimitri's customers?

Tip: Their busiest time is from 1-2pm and 6:30-8:00pm. On some days, they have people lined up out the doors of their tiny 12-table restaurant, so take advantage of the option to reserve a table if you’re with a group or if you’ll be arriving during prime time!

Parking and driving on the two block Main Street section can be a little crazy, so if it looks busy, I like to park one block over and then shop as I walk around the block back to this great place. There is also a downtown trolley if you need to park in one of the parking lots a little ways away from the downtown main street area. No matter what, it is a fun little walk with some neat shops like Dick's 5&10 - one of the last of an American tradition. 

What are you waiting for? Their gyros are top-notch, and good Greek food provides a nice change of pace from the regular dinner fare. Head over to Dimitiri’s Greek Gyros and give them a try!

Dimitri’s Greek Gyros and Deli — 111 E. Main St., Branson.

Open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Saturday; 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday.

Phone: 417-544-4542

Restaurant reviewer: Laura Johnson

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