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Family Secrets







Favorite Restaurant: Any place with a French-American twist

Favorite Color: Cherry Red or Steel Blue

Favorite Song: It changes all the time – pretty much anything that catches my fancy at the moment

Favorite Pastime: Relaxing/Taking a break :)

Scripture Verse: James 1:17

Vacation Spot: I'd like to go to Europe

Musician: Favorite Violinist - Joshua Bell

Food: French Cuisine

Dessert: New Orleans Double Chocolate Praline Fudge Cake

Candy: 90% Cocoa Dark Chocolate

Ice Cream: Pecan Praline

Vehicle: Corvette

Store: Amazon

Place to Stay: The best hotel available!

Other Talents: Web design & administration and marketing

Something You Want People To Know About You: My curly hair is real

Favorite Childhood Memory So Far: Family Camp at Allison Bible Church

Goals For Your Future: Finish College