Allison Bible Church Family Camp

This concert was certainly a highlight! Why wouldn't it be when you've got...great food, fun games, and fellowship with other Christians!

Minute to Win It!

In this game, we had to transfer mini M&Ms from one cup to another cup on the opposite table using suction and straws.

For another Minute to Win It challenge, we had to blow on a ping pong ball, keep it from rolling off the table, and get it all the way from one end of the table into the cup on the other end!!
Definitely NOT a piece of cake!

Here we had to use paddles to hit ping pong balls into the's frightful how awful my aim gets when I'm in a race against time!

This one was a really fast race - which team could make it down the field, pass the ball to their partner, and let them run it back to the starting line, all while balancing the ball on their Frisbee! The competition on this one was intense.

During the children's song time, we led lots of fun action songs.

Ladies' Devotional

Seth, frozen in time during kickball

Sing unto the Lord! 
Be thankful to Him for all His wonderful blessings.