Gardens, a Cave, and a Concert at a Gazebo

Before our evening concert in Platteville, Wisconsin, we headed over to the Dubuque Arboretum and spent a few hours wandering around.

With all sorts of gardens, there was something for everyone.

After we'd had enough gazing at gardens, we saw a sign for an old mine and decided to stop in.
This was the descent into the damp darkness.

All those metal rusty things on the ceiling are supposed to keep it from falling on us. Nothing collapsed...

The miners would use this peg board to keep track of 
how many big tubs of rock they had filled. 
They'd get paid accordingly.

After the mine, pizza was a welcome supper before our concert at the gazebo in the park.

We wouldn't have guessed it during set up time, but rain ended up cutting our concert a bit short!